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Spanning the entire textile journey, our services encompass yarn production, fabric manufacturing, and finishing design, all aimed at enriching the value and quality of textiles.

  • Yarn production and supply

  • Fabric knitting and weaving

  • Garment manufacturing and sourcing

  • Fashion design and collection development

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Who we are?

Transforming Textiles: Innovation, Sustainability, and Expertise

With 20 years at the forefront of the textile industry, we blend digital innovation and sustainable practices to address climate change, fostering strong relationships with stakeholders to shape a better future.

Stakeholder Partnerships

Valuing deep connections, driving mutual growth with stakeholders worldwide.

Climate Guardians

Committed to combating climate change, pioneering sustainable textile solutions.

Veteran Expertise

Two decades of excellence, setting industry standards in textile craftsmanship.

Digital Mastery

Harnessing digital technologies to redefine textile innovation and efficiency.

Innovating Textiles, Nurturing Futures TogetherInnovating Textiles, Nurturing Futures Together

All Fabrics

  • It does not pill or shrink.

  • The edges do not curl.

  • Easily cut when laid out.

Three Yarn Fleece
  • Brush does not shed.

  • It does not form clumps.

  • It does not have a jute problem.

French Terry
  • Loopback or Diagonal is possible

  • From 200 gsm to 600 gsm is possible

  • Silky finish when the weight is heavy.

  • It is tightly knitted.

  • Wide range of applications

  • It does not have a striping issue.

Double Face
  • No striping issue.

  • Wide range of weight is possible.

  • Antipilling and shrinkage guarantee.

Punto Di Roma
  • Very tight and durable knitting.

  • All colors are possible.

  • Can be alternative to woven fabrics.

  • “Lacoste standard” production

  • Alternative raw materials available

  • No shrinkage and no pilling

  • Can be open width or tubular

  • Wide range of weight and length

  • Different “reports” are possible

Knit Fabrics
  • Popular fabric with different applications

  • Used in fashion and industrial

  • Alternative raw materails possible.

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